Added how-to on method whitelisting

A new how-to has been added explaining how simple but effective it is to implement caller whitelists.

Added how-to on trusted hit markers

The contradiction of formatting sanitized HTML text is pretended. A new how-to explains the background of this advanced technique.

Released Housekeeping version 40

Version 40 is an important maintenance release of the Housekeeping web application:

  • 12 bugs have been fixed
  • tons of refactoring work has been conducted to make code more robust and easier to maintain
  • full support of multi-byte character searches has been added

For details please refer to the README file.

This version will be deployed to the demo instance soon.


Housekeeping demo instance updated to version 39

Version 39 of the “Housekeeping” application (including the latest PHLEX artifacts) has been deployed to the demo instance.