Released Housekeeping version 41

Version 41 is at least a 270° refactoring release of the Housekeeping web application while adding some new features

  • 24 bugs have been fixed
  • completed refactoring to coercive typing breaks compatibility with PHP 5, but makes code more robust and easier to maintain
  • a performance chart has been added to the dashboard, which shows that this version rectifies most of the performance drawbacks introduced by new features of previous versions
  • bar charts now auto-scale depending on the number of bars to display
  • sliding overlay messages supersede the previously used modal ones
  • the management of object selections has been reworked in order to be more user friendly
  • another font is used that makes reading small text easier

For details please refer to the README file.

This version is intended to be deployed to the demo instance soon.

Released Housekeeping version 36

Introducing a transactions dashboard, responsiveness and fully featured HTML 5 forms version 36 of the Housekeeping web application has been released.

For details please refer to the README file.