Released Housekeeping version 42

Couldn’t wait to improve… This version continues the re-design of the JavaScript client API started with version 40 and paving the way to some very wanted features on the to-do list

  • seven (including security) bugs have been fixed
  • a central AJAX receiver has been introduced that will step-by-step supersede the individual ones together with their respective JavaScript caller functions
  • the performance of the home page has further been improved by dynamically loading the administration section
  • the grouping unit of the performance chart on the dashboard can now be changed inline
  • a new DokuWiki library enables spreading global searches to DokuWiki pages

For details please refer to the README file.

Added how-to on method whitelisting

A new how-to has been added explaining how simple but effective it is to implement caller whitelists. supports TLS-secured connection

Using the URL you can now establish an encrypted connection.

URL GET parameters

Well, it might be a philosophical discussion whether URL parameters should rather be cryptical or not. According to the principle “no security by obscurity” the core security of an application should be provided by sophisticated concepts rather than cryptical parameters.