Cascading Style Sheets

According to my perception, the power of CSS is widely underestimated. Maybe this is because CSS doesn’t seem to be like “real programming”. But that’s exactly what makes it so precious: It’s a style description language, which makes it also more secure than executing omnipotent Javascript code.

So apart from commonly known CSS use cases like “use font x with size y for my paragraphs” or “use background color z for my table headers”, you can make a lot more sophisticated things like dynamic menus, tab bars or floaters (similar to tooltips, but independent in terms of content type and position).

You may argue, that to achieve such things (and many more), there are extremely powerful ready-to-use Javascript frameworks out there like extjs or jQuery, so why reinvent the wheel by generating additional code (that the world admittedly may not need)?

For my motivation please see the Web Development page, but especially in the case of CSS I’d like to note that you can achieve a lot with very few lines of description. For an example, please see the floating zoomer how-to page.

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